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Capabilities and Experience
  • Many times, a customer has a material handling goal, whether it is faster throughput, to reduce labor cost, improve ergonomics or simply improve a process, but that customer may not know how to arrive at that goal. SAI has the experience and capabilities, if needed, to design a system, provide a layout, recommend and provide equipment and provide mechanical and electrical installation. In other words, we can provide a turnkey solution that will meet your goals, in an aggressive time frame. If you believe we may be able to help your company reach its material handling goals, please feel free to contact us.
  • In other situations, a customer may only want to consult with SAI, provide their own layout and equipment, and have SAI install the equipment mechanically and electrically. SAI’s installers are some of the best in the industry. They have the dedication, flexibility and experience to install any equipment or system in an aggressive time frame and in a manner that will provide few disruptions to our customer’s operations.
    Contact us if you think we may be of assistance.
  • If a customer needs custom equipment or process improvement, SAI has the engineering capabilities and experience to design, build and test whatever it is the customer needs. Our facility, over 25,000 square feet, is well equipped with the machinery necessary for such projects.
    Contact us if you have any questions about custom equipment.
  • Some customers may only want to purchase a piece of equipment. SAI is proud to offer products from the leading material handling equipment manufacturers. See our list of product manufacturers, for which we are authorized distributors and a summary of the products we offer.