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Equipment, Fixtures & Tooling

Spine Fin Coil Squaring Machine

Custom machine design to automatically correct the coil squareness of up to 8 sizes of spine fin coils. The machine uses four state-of-the-art ball screw actuators, and double rod end pneumatic cylinders. PLC controlled with manual size selection.


Carton Packout Machine

Automatic flap fold and glue machine for 12 different size corrugated boxes. Folds and glues the bottom of the corrugated box. The equipment uses a combination of powered roller conveyors and side oriented belt conveyors to convey the product. Custom centering device prepares the boxes for fold and glue. Machine includes automatic size adjustment with manual size selection. PLC controlled.

Copper Tube Automated Solder Machine

The customer required solder dip of 40 copper tubes per machine cycle with no solder on the inside of the tubes and no excess solder on the ends of the tubes. Precise nitrogen purge with electronic pressure control was used to eliminate the inside solder and strategically placed air blast was used to remove excess exterior solder. All stainless steel shielding for ease of cleanup. Stand-alone PLC operated with hand held operator interface for process parameter adjustment.

Commercial HVAC Unit Pressure Test Enclosure

The customer required a flexible test enclosure that would not injure personnel when lowering over the commercial HVAC Unit. The equipment includes a Kevlar curtain enclosure with a single pneumatic cylinder with stand alone support frame for raise and lowering. Pneumatic and mechanical safety interlocks prevent free fall of the curtain. Custom exhaust was included to assist in post-test leak detection.


Automated Guided Vehicle

Rail or wire guided vehicle for material handling. The equipment includes tractor wheel drives with direction and steering control. 1000 pound load capacity with powered conveyor option for fixed loop systems. Battery powered with onboard guidance controller or wired electric power with integrated PLC control.

In-line Parts Rotator

Flat Parts Manipulator with Drop Failsafe

Cylindrical Parts Manipulator with Drop Failsafe