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Material & Assembly Systems

Carton Sortation and Palletizing System

Glassware is selected and packed (area A), then entered as slugs of cartons onto the trunk-line conveyor or by an automatic transfer device. In the Sortation area (area B), slugs of cartons are divided to either the robotic palletizer (area C) or the standard palletizers (area D). All pallet loads merge and enter the quality inspection zone (area E) before passing through a stretch wrapper (area F).

Southern Automation supplied, mechanically and electrically installed, and integrated all equipment to include conveyor, palletizers (standard and robotic), mezzanine, platforms and stretch wrapper.

Vacuum & Air Conveyor System

The customer needed a high speed camera inspection system (600 parts/minute) to detect defects and missing components on their food/beverage plastic caps. We provided a table top chain conveyor system (food grade) with vacuum and air conveyor to convey the product through the high speed camera. The system also rejected defective parts with a high speed reject device. The vacuum conveyor provided an elevation change getting the equipment overhead, saving floor space. The parts are then air conveyed out to the warehouse and into cartons. Each of the four lines fills two cartons with divert gates on the air conveyor to switch between cartons as they are filled.

Robotic Palletizer

Gantry design palletizer for palletizing case goods at 60 cases per minute in over 800 pallet patterns. Vacuum gripper capable of handling up to 75 lb per case. Over 800 different patterns. Stand alone PLC with test and function capabilities.

Computer Assembly

SAI provided the process layout, equipment selection, workstation design and equipment installation for a system to assemble 1500 personal computers per shift. Equipment included a powered roller conveyor system with right angle transfers, powered turns, including a rework/ test loop. Controls included photo eye position control with bar code product tracking through the system.

Storage Rack

Equipment selection, layout and design to customer specifications.